Our Special Day. . .
Since I'm playing catch up on this blog, I thought I'd start near the beginning. These are my sweet precious boys... tired of all the wedding pictures and smiling so much. Way to hang in there guys!
Drew and I have known each other since high school, but didn't really notice each other until his sister paried us up to walk down the aisle together at her wedding. I wonder if she was fully aware of what she was starting. (So here's a big shout out to Apryl - Thank You!) The boys are of course wonderful together... they play and rough house and do all the boy things that Mommy has a hard time with.
My best friend was my maid of honor! We have been kindred spirits since ACU. Thank you so much Annie! Having family and friends there made our day all the more special.

A prayer before we begin. When the girls finished getting ready, we circled up and Annie lead a prayer... lots of tears in the room!

Uncle Ben helps
Seth get ready!

As the wedding party walked down the aisle, Daddy gave me my final single woman talk... more tears!

The ceremony... We did three sets of vows... covenent vows (bride, groom, parents, family & friends all participate), traditional vows, and 1 Corinthians vows... plus the unity candle (what a beautiful song "The Prayer" is by Josh Grobin)... we signed a family Bible (that all of our parents and grantparents and wedding party also signed)... we gave our parents roses... sounds like a lot, but was wonderful!

The kiss... of course we stuck with the sweet little church-wedding kiss. However, my dad (who was performing the ceremony) ov
erheard Papa Joe say, "That's not a kiss!" and then he proceeded to tell EVERYONE what Papa Joe said...
...so Andrew dipped me back and gave me a "real kiss."
That was lots of fun!

"THE CAKE!" What more can I say? It was beautiful! Lori did an awesome job! And it was delicious too :O)

Our wedding party! There were so many more pictures that I would have loved to add, but space and time will force me to keep it in control. Thank you to all our family and friends for helping us make our wedding day so memorable and special! We love you all!