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Christmas Cards

You know how it is with kids... take 50 pictures and only get a few that look nice. Well, the day we planned to take pictures for our annual Christmas card, a cold front came through, but I felt pressured by the calendar so my kids had to smile through the freezing cold. We went to a good friend's house that has great character and she let us have fun snapping away. There were actually several pictures that I liked... more than would fit on a card, so I'm posting some of them now (after the fact). Call this Happy New Year with a smile!!!

Okay, so Karsyn drumming on Seth's head was not picture perfect... but the picture does reflect her flamboyant, menacing personality... She keeps us on our toes...

The kids had a great time playing with Sully while we were there. They fed him treats and even got him to "sing."

Thanksmas 2009

Our annual Thanksmas picture with Santa...

My best friend & her niece went with us this year and we all had fun together (aside from Annie's little pulled muscle).

New Puppy

We are still potty training, but isn't she the cutest thing...

Bat Duo

I failed to post pics of the kids at Halloween and I thought they were too cute not to post (just becuase Mommy never got around to it). My little Batman and "Dat-Dirl" had lots of fun and were quite the pair in both their tricking and treating.