Changing Seasons

One of my favorite seasons is fall. I have really missed this cool changing season this year. Memories of crisp weather, warm potato soup at LaMadelines, and a trip to Sweet Berry Farm to buy pumpkins are what I typically think of. Setting out fall berries and pumpkins & a colorful wreath of fall leaves hanging on the door help get me in the mood for the beginning of a season of joyful holidays. This fall, there was lots of change, but it wasn't the leaves and weather for me... our family made some big changes! Drew & I both have new jobs. Seth started first grade & Karsyn started day care. We sold our house, moved (stayed temporarily with some very sweet family members), bought a new house, moved again, and are still climbing over boxes to find things. So, although the weather is still trying to make a change and the leaves where we live now are still mostly green. . . the Cosper Crew has made some colorful, life changes instead.

I know it has been forever since I posted pictures (believe me... I have a ton to catch up on), but I'll get around to it a little bit at a time... so keep checking for new changing events in the Cosper Crew household.
Packing & moving. . .

K needed a last minute bath in the kitchen sink before the moving truck left (gotta love when the 18 month old finds a can full of Dr. Pepper - an instant "sticky" bath). . .

Our new house. . .


Kitchen Facelift

I was asked recently, "What happened to 'Craft of the week?'" Well, I guess summer did! We did paint the kitchen in June though, so that will have to count as Craft of the Month. (How's that CJ?)

The plain almond walls from before. . .

Seth painting behind the fridge. . . (The pink is a tinted primer - a must have before the red goes on.)

A closer look at the backspalsh. . .

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June at a glance...

Okay, really, does anyone else feel like the summer is flying by too quickly? It's hard to believe the summer is almost half over because it feels like it just started. So, June came and went in a blur. We stayed busy I guess. Camps, the beach, visiting family, etc... Encounter was amazing as always, and I have to give a shout out to the most amazing worship leader I know - THOMAS - You did a great job! The beach was... well, a memory. We didn't get to play in the waves very long before the stinging rain began to pelt away at us. I think Seth had more fun in Gran's pool later that day anyway, and of course he loved watching Wall.E too. We also saw Kung Fu Panda (another new favorite for Seth).

Water play days in the back yard are also a great way to beat the heat (don't forget your sunscreen next time Sarah). I have learned from Seth that it is necessary to load up all the water guns you can find when starting a water war! Although, when you have a care free little sister, she just continues to play and ignores or giggles at the water that keeps hitting her in the face and back. (see pics below)

We also had a chance to go visit Granny when she was in the hospital (broken ankle). Seth crawled up in the bed with her and they watched Enchanted. (This is such a totally cute movie btw!) How do you know he loves you....

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'Tutu' Cute!

Craft of the Week... a tutu! Karsyn was invited to a princess birthday party "in costume." Needless to say, the Disney princesses have not hit our house yet, so I decided a fairy princess would work just as well and I could make her a tutu for the party. Well, the tutu turned more into a dress because I made it longer (hopefully she can wear/play with it for a while) but I still think she looks pretty cute with her flower wand in hand.

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Congratulations Annie!
We had a blast during our visit and are so proud of you receiving your masters. I am confident that you will shine your light for God throughout the counseling profession and many people will be blessed by God through you.
I have also added some funny pics of Karsyn below... she started wearing her fruit/veggie basket on her head as a hat the other day... so funny!

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Craft of the week

It seems the past few weeks I have been busy working on some kind of craft... so I decided to post some pics of my "busy" week(s). . .

Week #1: "Bible bag." I was needing a bag to carry my Bible and other "stuff" to Bible class and worship (so I can be hands free to chase Karsyn). I embellished a canvas bag (left) and then used the scrap fabric to make a matching bag for K (on right with the bow).

Week #2: "Coffee sleeves." I helped host a baby shower where we had a coffee bar. Having enough matching coffee cups was proving to be challenging, so I made little coffee sleeves to match our cute brown and green polka-dot plates. They turned out pretty cute and saved our little fingers from coffee burns.

Week #3: "Plants." I am always planting something it seems this spring. These are the cute little plants I put together... we'll see how long I can keep them alive (I seem to have trouble with indoor plants). I'll try to post some pics of my sweet outdoor beauties later.

Today's project: "Decoupage boxes." My friend Beth got me started with this fun little paper craft a while back. It's a great way to wrap cute gifts, organize stuff on a shelf, or to decorate with.

The wrapped gift. . .

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Scarborough 2008

We had another fun visit to Scarborough Faire with my family last weekend. Seth did a great job "jousting" and he was even "knighted" by the king! Karsyn, reluctantly, became a lady of the court as well.

Seth talks seriously with Lord Matthew about the duties of a knight. . .

King Henry VIII taps Squire Seth on the shoulders with his sword. . . (note: Seth's shirt said "squire")

Lord Matthew announces, "Lords and Ladies of the Court. . . I present to you, Squire no longer, he shall henceforth be known as Sir Seth!"

Queen Anne talks to Sara about behaving her Mommy and eating her veggies before Sara becomes a Lady of the Court. . .

Karsyn is unsure of this "Lady" stuff. . .

Lady Karsyn is presented to the court. . .

Check out my pics from last year to see some of the other sights!

Renaissance Rocks!

Renaissance #2

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7 Random Things

1. I love watching movies! I can watch many of them over and over too: all the Jane Austen flicks, Anne of Green Gables, An Ideal Husband, Notting Hill, Something's Gotta Give, and any of the actions trilogies. I am currently obsessed with 24 (I'm on season 4) and can't wait for season 3 of Supernatural to come out.

2. I don't like ice cream (unless it's homemade), but I love roller coasters.

3. Part of me wants to move to a small town & live in a log cabin (with a gourmet kitchen and craft room like Martha's of course).

4. I have read all 7 Harry Potter books. At first it was just to see what in the world my little bro & sis were talking about... but by the end I too was reserving my own copy of HP... would good win out over evil?

5. I have broken my arm 3 times (6 bones, 4 casts, 2 surgeries). All between the ages of 6 and 10.

6. I pierced my tongue in college & wish I had never taken it out... that seems weird for me to say huh?

7. I used to always be fully dressed (make-up, hair, etc) when I would leave the house for anything. Now I don't care so much what I look like, but Karsyn always has a bow! Maybe it has something to do with me getting rid of my "skinny clothes" and going for comfort. Seriously, there is a skinny woman somewhere inside me screaming to get out, but Starbucks and chocolate are happy to keep her well hidden away.

What random things do you have to share? Jonna? Michelle? Apryl?


Down in Fraggle Rock

Do you remember Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock from the 80's? Karsyn loves it & she even has a "Red" doll to watch the cartoon with. She goes from sitting and laughing. . . to getting as close as she can to the TV to point. . . then back to sitting. . . then the theme song plays or the characters sing and she twirls and dances all over. She even played peek-a-boo with Red on the TV this morning (bending down to the floor and popping up as if Red could see her).

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Sweet Baby Bunny


Here Am I

"Here Am I" was the theme of LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) this year. It was the 20th year of the convention that challenges students in grades 3-12 to really use their gifts to glorify God and learn to become better leaders for him. LTC has had such a positive impact on my family. . . we got involved in LTC in 1991 and since then, at least one of us, if not all of us have attended the convention in Dallas each year. (I think I have only missed 2 years. I have been a participant, a judge, and a church coordinator during that time.) This year my littlest brother and sister (the cute kids above) were involved in: drama, puppets, speech, Bible reading, song leading, small chorus, medium chorus, plus a number of other preconvention events. I was so proud of them! Their quartet was absolutely AWESOME! (Way to go Sarah, Caleb, Amy Beth and Carson!)

Caleb played the evil wizard in their drama. . . what a flair for the dramatic. (And we just thought Sarah was the drama queen... well, in real life she is.)

Sarah was a forest fairy with attitude. . . funny scene about "shrubbery" (referencing "Quest for the Holy Grail). . .

Sarah gave an outstanding speech. . .

Caleb is a wonderful song leader. He leads at their home congregation regularly and is asked to lead at a neighboring church once a month. What a talent for music! (This is where I would brag on his all-state band and choir accomplishments as well, but I'll refrain.)

Karsyn is serious. . . She did so good during the event sessions (well, most of them anyway).

Starbucks, Mt. Dew, and various other snacks get us thru the day and Karsyn has her first sample of Twizzlers. . . I think she likes it!

Caleb and Sarah are so silly. . . can you feel the love?

Between events we did lots of visiting, practicing for the next event, and goofing off. Here, the four of us sing an old camp song and laugh way too loud. . . Dum, dum, dada. . .

Karsyn would much rather push her stroller than ride in it these days. . .

It was a great convention this year and I felt blessed once again. I was counting forward and realized that Sarah's senior year (last year as a participant) will also be Seth's first year as a participant. . . seems the Blakeney's will not have a gap in our LTC involvement going forward either. Praise God for providing a way for us to intentionally teach our children ways to be leaders for Christ in this world.