Renaissance #2

Okay, so more pictures of Scarborough... Prepare thyself for merriment!
This Viking Barbarian stood around waiting for ladies to grab him up for yet another picture. Sarah and I took our opportunity to "show off his tan."

I honestly don't know if the people pictured below were members of the Festival or just visitors, but I thought they looked too cool not to take their picture... okay, and a little scary too, huh?

Seth would not join for this picture until the "unmasked" gentleman offered to let Seth hold his spear. The ploy worked, although you can tell Seth was still quite nervous!

I talked to this brutal warrior after taking his picture AGAIN (actually a nice guy - except that he kept calling me a wench - oh yeah, it was written on my shirt), and he's not from another dimension like Aahz, but from Houston... watch out you Houstonites for this scary beast!

I think we all enjoyed the Human Chess Match! The king and queen set up their pieces (lords, ladies, noblemen, and peasants of their land) on an over sized chess board. "Rook take Pawn" could be heard during the game, in which case all of the "players" cleared the board and a match began. The winner took the square. The conversation and choreographed fighting were great. Can you believe that this is actually when Seth "chose" to take his little snooze. (He was sad about it later, but we just couldn't wake him.) Sarah and I enjoyed a yummy snack of "Italian Ice" which we couldn't stop ourselves from buying over and over again!

This jester just wouldn't die... finally the other players and the crowd were chanting "Die, die, die..." and after about 7 swords and daggers, he finally slouched to the ground... and didn't die, but continued to grunt and groan... we just couldn't stop laughing... figures the funny guy wouldn't die huh?

More amazing costumes! Can you tell that I enjoyed myself immensely!

There were several artisan demonstrations scheduled throughout the day, games & rides you play, and even a "Dungeon of Yorkshire Tower." Here are a few pics of the boys playing games.

Seth shows off his "winner" sticker just like Daddy!

Seth also enjoys Mommy's Italian Ice! So YUMMY!

More photo opportunities for the kids! This is a real tree carved into a chair.

At the end of the day we went early to get seats for the jousting match! Prior to the joust we watched some Scottish Highland games that were loads of fun. Men throwing wooden 20 foot beams end-over-end and so forth. I didn't post pictures of them because they were so hard to explain, but if you want to see them later I can show you. Also, the jousting was so fast it was hard to get pics of, but here is our valiant knight! He road for queen and country and he won!

Twig the Fairy, with her double flute and sparkling eyes, casts a spell over all. You can see her throughout the day floating around enchanting small children... like Seth! He thought she was beautiful and she gave him one of her "magical" rocks to remember her by.

The King & Queen of the faire and their friends circle up at the exit to sing a fairwell to all. These people are passionate about "Stepping Back in Time for the Time of Your Life." So thank you to all who helped us relive a little of the renaissance experience.