Renaissance Rocks!

"Lords, Ladies, Knights, and Nobles... We bid thee welcome!" We had a super busy weekend that started at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival south of Dallas. It was so amazing! We are already planning a trip again for next year. For those of you who don't know what this Faire is and have not been, you are missing out! For years, my brother and I have wanted to go, but never have made the time. This year, Joseph organized a trip with many of his friends and we joined them there - I'm so glad we did! This is a "period" festival in which everyone is dressed in Renaissance costumes. Not only are they fully decked out in outstanding costumes, but they even talk as if in medieval times! "Me Lord, Me Lady..." as we were greeted entering the gates, buying food, shopping. It was so much fun just to listen to those around you. This faire is set in the year 1533, and King Henry VIII, his lovely wife Anne Boelyn, and his court have come to visit. I hope that you enjoy the MANY pictures I took (be glad I didn't post all 117). I'll comment throughout the pics so I don't ramble on too much.

Sholo the Nubian, a massive muscled warrior, "greeted" everyone as they entered. Okay, he wasn't so friendly. In fact, it seems to be a challenge to make him smile... Karysn got pretty close!

Many of Joseph's friends dressed up in costume also (lots of people do actually), and although we wanted to, time didn't allow me to get it all together... so I painted tees for us to wear with our "costume" on them... "Knight, Squire, Fair Maiden, Town Cynic, Wench, Shady Character, 'Baby' in Waiting." Yeah, I know it was kind of goofy, but we got so many comments on them. They were bright and caught people's attention. Faire folks actually stopped to look at us - LOL!

Each weekend there are themes or special activities that go on. This weekend was "pirate" weekend! Sarah loved it... too bad Johnny and Orlando weren't there (sad Sarah). During the parade, a pirate handed a flag to Karsyn and she waved it around during the day.

Something else that was unexpected were all the butterflies. It was so neat how they would just land on you and were unafraid. They added an airy feeling of joy to our experience!

Queen Anne's Lace was they first featured act that we saw at the faire. We really enjoyed the A-Capella harmony and comic banter they had to offer... not to mention great costumes. Sarah and I enjoyed visiting with the "tart" in yellow after the show. She was so funny and had some great costume tips for us should we dress up next year. Also on this stage were the "Hey Nunnie Nunnies!" They had lots of humor to add.

It was my understanding before we got to Scarborough that these people do this year-round in different locations around the country. So, I imagined tents and stuff possibly, but had no idea that this little village really is a real village! Well, for two months out of the year anyway - it comes to LIFE! The buildings are built to fit the time and the many decorations were fun to take pictures next to also. Here are Caleb, Sarah, and Karsyn striking a pose next to a knight. And our sweet little "Baby" in Waiting!

Another one of the acts that we loved was "The Rogues." This kilt wearing highland spirit band of bagpipes and drums provided much entertainment for us all. Now I know that bagpipes make you think of "whine" and cheese, but these guys ROCKED! We enjoyed listening to them play & even bought CD's to take home. Oh, for those of you that may go in the future, take many small bills... you can tip the acts and people that are there... because they did a great job, because they amused you, or because they blasted one of your friends with some great banter!

The Grande Parade was one of my favorite parts of the day. It was unexpected and we weren't looking for it, but it found us. Actually, we parted off to the side of the road so we wouldn't get run over. We enjoyed our bit of shade as we stood gazing and cheering (yes, they told you to smile and cheer if you were not) at the brilliant costumes & at times were engaged by the passers by.

The guy with soft pretzels walked around the faire all day and we saw him many times... I thought it was so funny the way he would yell PRETZELS!

A lady from the Mud Show dotted us on our noses as a bit of advertisement & someone from the parade joined our picture unexpectedly. Just before this picture was taken, a "priest" walked by sprinkling people with "holy water." When he saw us enjoying the parade (clapping and cheering and getting involved) he said "I love it when they line up for me!" and proceeded to douse us with his water!

The picture below is taken of a lady in the court. She spied our shirts and turned and started pointing, slowing the procession of the king and queen... "Look at that shady character... and a wench... and town cynic... what is the baby?" Soon after the king and queen of the faire passed and the queen, having been slowed by the court knew that something was coming, and she started yelling at us, "They are naked... you need clothes on... " So maybe we will work a little harder on our costumes for next year - LOL! Note: For those of you thinking of going, you don't have to be in costume... many visitors are not. But then, many are as well :)

"Eat, Drynk, & Be Merry" they say... so as we grabbed some yummy lunch at one of the royal kitchens, I saw the guys below, obvious to me, they matched, but it seems they didn't plan it. I laughed at them as they said, "Someone take a picture of this!" So, the friends of the faire don't call each other up in the morning and plan their outfits I guess. ;)

Seth loves knights... and castles... and sword fighting... and jousting (basically "A Knight's Tale") so you can imagine that he absolutely loved every minute of the day (other than the nap he "accidentally" took - see Renaissance #2 for that cute pic).