'Tutu' Cute!

Craft of the Week... a tutu! Karsyn was invited to a princess birthday party "in costume." Needless to say, the Disney princesses have not hit our house yet, so I decided a fairy princess would work just as well and I could make her a tutu for the party. Well, the tutu turned more into a dress because I made it longer (hopefully she can wear/play with it for a while) but I still think she looks pretty cute with her flower wand in hand.

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Congratulations Annie!
We had a blast during our visit and are so proud of you receiving your masters. I am confident that you will shine your light for God throughout the counseling profession and many people will be blessed by God through you.
I have also added some funny pics of Karsyn below... she started wearing her fruit/veggie basket on her head as a hat the other day... so funny!

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Craft of the week

It seems the past few weeks I have been busy working on some kind of craft... so I decided to post some pics of my "busy" week(s). . .

Week #1: "Bible bag." I was needing a bag to carry my Bible and other "stuff" to Bible class and worship (so I can be hands free to chase Karsyn). I embellished a canvas bag (left) and then used the scrap fabric to make a matching bag for K (on right with the bow).

Week #2: "Coffee sleeves." I helped host a baby shower where we had a coffee bar. Having enough matching coffee cups was proving to be challenging, so I made little coffee sleeves to match our cute brown and green polka-dot plates. They turned out pretty cute and saved our little fingers from coffee burns.

Week #3: "Plants." I am always planting something it seems this spring. These are the cute little plants I put together... we'll see how long I can keep them alive (I seem to have trouble with indoor plants). I'll try to post some pics of my sweet outdoor beauties later.

Today's project: "Decoupage boxes." My friend Beth got me started with this fun little paper craft a while back. It's a great way to wrap cute gifts, organize stuff on a shelf, or to decorate with.

The wrapped gift. . .

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Scarborough 2008

We had another fun visit to Scarborough Faire with my family last weekend. Seth did a great job "jousting" and he was even "knighted" by the king! Karsyn, reluctantly, became a lady of the court as well.

Seth talks seriously with Lord Matthew about the duties of a knight. . .

King Henry VIII taps Squire Seth on the shoulders with his sword. . . (note: Seth's shirt said "squire")

Lord Matthew announces, "Lords and Ladies of the Court. . . I present to you, Squire no longer, he shall henceforth be known as Sir Seth!"

Queen Anne talks to Sara about behaving her Mommy and eating her veggies before Sara becomes a Lady of the Court. . .

Karsyn is unsure of this "Lady" stuff. . .

Lady Karsyn is presented to the court. . .

Check out my pics from last year to see some of the other sights!

Renaissance Rocks!

Renaissance #2

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