Halloween '07

The long awaited day of being tricked or treated finally came. Seth was excited to dress up and run around with friends. After school, we made roll-out cookies - always an experience! I waited too long to start them and had to recruit help from Seth and Drew to get them finished in time. We loaded 4 trays of cookies in my trunk, hopped in the car, and off we went (heading for our good friends, the Dennington's house - they throw a great Halloween bash!). After about the third NASCAR turn through our neighborhood, Drew reminded me that the cookies were in the back... oops! As we feared, the little lip of the cookie tray acted more like a ramp than a barrier and ghost cookies had hopped trays and were mingling with their little pumpkin cookie friends on the neighboring tray. Okay, so a little icing was smudged, but for the most part, they made the trip safely and they still tasted great! After the stress of finishing cookies on the fly... I was enjoying visiting with friends that were gathered, when Seth approached me with a worried face... "Mommy, I think I left my mask at home." I checked our costume bag (as we were going to get dressed there) and sure enough, no mask! So, after one more NASCAR run to the house and back, everything seemed to be going well. After a super dinner, the kids dressed up, put on their blinking pins, glow bracelets, and with bags in hand, headed out the door. Group picture time! Yeah right! Getting a picture of a dozen kids ready to run around and get sugared up is not the best time to take a group picture. We tried anyway, and then we were off. The kids had a great time and the Dennington's neighbors are the best at hosting Trick-R-Treat fun for the kids!

Mighty Darth Vadar! (His light saber glows red/blue, but it doesn't show up in the pic for some reason.)

Vadar Seth with fair maiden Katie & Knight Reuben. . .

cousin Emily, Arial (Aaris), Darth Vadar (Seth). . . Jessica & I keep saying that all these pics will make a great wedding slide show someday :)

Karsyn amazes the crowd of cameras as she stands in the middle of the room and walks to mommy. She amazed Mommy too!

Karsyn goes for the good stuff. . . candy!

K tries to carry the pumpkin pail and suckers. . .