Yuck, I know! But seriously, how do you pass up the chance to blog about a trip to the ER? Underneath all that matted bloody hair and goopy Neosporin are 4 staples. Why do you ask? Well, seems that boys will continue to be boys and in the midst of their rough housing at care group tonight, Seth came away with two cuts on the back of his head. Our wonderful friend and fire fighter, Heath, gave him an initial check out since it was a cut to the head. Then we were off to the ER expecting to get a couple of stitches. The Dr. said that staples worked great and they would probably be easier in the long run... no shaving the hair and so forth. So, the nurse proceeded to put Seth in a "papoose" (intended to keep children from flinging around as they gave him shots and stapled his head back together - it was one massive burrito with velcro that strapped his whole body down. . . that was scary in and of itself without the mention of needles and staples) and then the Dr. got to work cleaning and mending my little man. Soon after, Seth was all smiles again & talking about school again. In the picture below you can see the "souvenir" that Seth added to his shirt in memory of his first ER visit.

On a more positive note... these are some cute pics of my kids when we were on ACU's campus recently. I couldn't help but take a few sweet pics of them by the new Jacob's Dream sculpture (which you cannot fully see in the pictures).

This is my dramatic little sis, playing up the pose ;)