MIA from the blogger world...

You might say I have been a bit distracted. Yes, holidays, kids' birthdays, school activities, work, etc... all distractions... however, my other "when the kids are in bed" habit is this... (I only have pics of the Christmas blocks I have made. I packed up Fall and Halloween before I thought to take pics.)

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New Bling!

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Flower Girl in Action

As promised... Karsyn as the flower girl:

She just can't get enough of herself... she seriously looked in the mirror forever.

K loves my cousins heels... she calls them "clackers" and always looks for an opportunity to steal them away for a stroll. K actually walks pretty well in stilettos. These pink ones were brought especially for Karysn this time... bribery to get down the aisle :)

K tries to show off her "name tag" on her bloomers... check out the next pic for a really good shot!

All these pictures tire me out...

Cosper kids with the beautiful Bride!

Yes... she did wear the hot pink clackers during the ceremony! That was the easy part... it was when she crawled behind one of those wedding candelabras and poured the contents of her purse on the floor (play phone, lip 'doss' and smarties) that's when things got interesting...

When the recessional music started, my cousin/bridesmaid grabbed K up and headed back down the aisle... this is what K left behind on stage...

K "dancing" or hopping with Aunt Sarah.

Karsyn did great considering no nap... yes, before we hit the city limits, she was OUT!

I had to include a picture of the Groom's cake... so cute! He's a gamer, so Super Mario was quite fitting.


Silly Seth

Seth loves to be silly (imagine that)... but really and truly, he's growing up too fast for his mommy! These are just some cute pics of him when he was here last weekend.


Bridal Luncheon & Rehearsal Dinner

Karsyn was the flower girl in my cousin's wedding last weekend... so many new experiences for our little girl! She just loves all things GIRLY, so naturally, the Bridal Luncheon was perfect!

The luncheon was held in a cute tea room in a historical home in our area. She wasn't much into the chicken salad, but the mounds of fruit and scones were fun! She also liked sitting in a big girl chair and using real china (I still use plastic around her whenever I can). The strawberry ice & creme was probably her favorite thing to eat, as they served it in a little cup just her size!
K was shy at first around all the groom's family she didn't know, but she warmed up quickly and began 'taking pictures' of everyone around. There was a little lingerie surprise at the end, and K just giggled as the bride gave us all a little sneak peak (brave girl!)

The rehearsal dinner was Aloha-Beach themed and Seth got quite creative with the umbrella toothpicks... no need for plastic wear Mom! We were all a little concerned about K actually going down the aisle (as she has stage fright at random unforeseen times) but she practiced very well that night. She and the little ring bearer became friends and chased each other all over the sanctuary!

I'll post pics of the actual wedding soon!


Better straight

Recently, I put sponge rollers in K's hair before she went to bed. She thought it was so much fun, and I have to admit, she was awfully cute in them. We were hoping for something cute for my cousin's upcoming wedding (Karsyn is the flower girl), but after the too-tight-Shirley Temple look... I think she's going to wear her hair straight instead.


K's Cafe

This is Karsyn's favorite place to play right now. She cooks for everyone in our family & she expects our full cooperation in eating her little wooden food! If for some reason, Daddy, Mommy, and "S" are unavailable to stop in at K's little Cafe... she brings the food to us... which translates... little wooden food and dishes all over my house! It's still tons of fun to see her role-play and know that she is going to be such a good mommy some day.


Ready... Set... BLOG!

All NEW in February! Yes, that's right, EVERY post in February is new. I think there are 12 or 13 new posts! They don't even all fit on the first page... if you're a true Cosper Crew blog stalker, you'll have to look thru the February '09 archives to see them all!

Okay... so I haven't blogged in forever. I could name a ton of reasons why not, but you're not hear to read about that are you? You want to see pics of the kids. So, my goal this afternoon is to do a 6 months at a glance (or maybe only 2-3 months at a glance - we'll see how far I get). Hopefully I can stay motivated to catch up & then it won't feel like such a heavy load to blog a little more regularly in the future.

While I'm here... let me say thanks to SHARK for creating such a great product. I love my steam mop! You might say that mopping isn't my favorite thing to do, but I don't mind it so much now (which is a good thing considering how much tile we have in our new house). So, if you don't have a steam mop, or you're considering buying one... I say GO FOR IT! And while you're at it... splurg on the upgraded model that has 5 ft. of extra cord and comes with the extra little pad things. Okay... now I'm off to upload some pics.


Seth's front TWO teeth are now Missing In Action! These two teeth are notable because he actually put them under his pillow. You see, Seth is in the habit of swallowing his teeth, in which case, a note must be written to the tooth fairy explaining the eating habits of a growing little boy... anyway, we are proud to announce that the tooth fairy finally picked up some real teeth from Seth.

Our big boy is so excited about reading... even if it's K's favorite book, Pinkalicious. Every day after school he shows off a new AR level (currently at 4.7) & he is almost finished with his first Narnia book, The Magician's Nephew. I am so proud that he LOVES to read!

The Great Pretender

Karsyn has so much fun playing! The other night, I walked into the living room, and K had her babies set up like this in front of the TV...

Karsyn kicks back in a "baby doll" stroller watching Enchanted...

K styling some of Auntie Sarah's Converse...

All dressed up and ready to go...