Flower Girl in Action

As promised... Karsyn as the flower girl:

She just can't get enough of herself... she seriously looked in the mirror forever.

K loves my cousins heels... she calls them "clackers" and always looks for an opportunity to steal them away for a stroll. K actually walks pretty well in stilettos. These pink ones were brought especially for Karysn this time... bribery to get down the aisle :)

K tries to show off her "name tag" on her bloomers... check out the next pic for a really good shot!

All these pictures tire me out...

Cosper kids with the beautiful Bride!

Yes... she did wear the hot pink clackers during the ceremony! That was the easy part... it was when she crawled behind one of those wedding candelabras and poured the contents of her purse on the floor (play phone, lip 'doss' and smarties) that's when things got interesting...

When the recessional music started, my cousin/bridesmaid grabbed K up and headed back down the aisle... this is what K left behind on stage...

K "dancing" or hopping with Aunt Sarah.

Karsyn did great considering no nap... yes, before we hit the city limits, she was OUT!

I had to include a picture of the Groom's cake... so cute! He's a gamer, so Super Mario was quite fitting.


simply fabulous said...

She looked beautiful! And I love the pink heels! Miss you guy's. Glad all is well.