Bridal Luncheon & Rehearsal Dinner

Karsyn was the flower girl in my cousin's wedding last weekend... so many new experiences for our little girl! She just loves all things GIRLY, so naturally, the Bridal Luncheon was perfect!

The luncheon was held in a cute tea room in a historical home in our area. She wasn't much into the chicken salad, but the mounds of fruit and scones were fun! She also liked sitting in a big girl chair and using real china (I still use plastic around her whenever I can). The strawberry ice & creme was probably her favorite thing to eat, as they served it in a little cup just her size!
K was shy at first around all the groom's family she didn't know, but she warmed up quickly and began 'taking pictures' of everyone around. There was a little lingerie surprise at the end, and K just giggled as the bride gave us all a little sneak peak (brave girl!)

The rehearsal dinner was Aloha-Beach themed and Seth got quite creative with the umbrella toothpicks... no need for plastic wear Mom! We were all a little concerned about K actually going down the aisle (as she has stage fright at random unforeseen times) but she practiced very well that night. She and the little ring bearer became friends and chased each other all over the sanctuary!

I'll post pics of the actual wedding soon!