7 Random Things

1. I love watching movies! I can watch many of them over and over too: all the Jane Austen flicks, Anne of Green Gables, An Ideal Husband, Notting Hill, Something's Gotta Give, and any of the actions trilogies. I am currently obsessed with 24 (I'm on season 4) and can't wait for season 3 of Supernatural to come out.

2. I don't like ice cream (unless it's homemade), but I love roller coasters.

3. Part of me wants to move to a small town & live in a log cabin (with a gourmet kitchen and craft room like Martha's of course).

4. I have read all 7 Harry Potter books. At first it was just to see what in the world my little bro & sis were talking about... but by the end I too was reserving my own copy of HP... would good win out over evil?

5. I have broken my arm 3 times (6 bones, 4 casts, 2 surgeries). All between the ages of 6 and 10.

6. I pierced my tongue in college & wish I had never taken it out... that seems weird for me to say huh?

7. I used to always be fully dressed (make-up, hair, etc) when I would leave the house for anything. Now I don't care so much what I look like, but Karsyn always has a bow! Maybe it has something to do with me getting rid of my "skinny clothes" and going for comfort. Seriously, there is a skinny woman somewhere inside me screaming to get out, but Starbucks and chocolate are happy to keep her well hidden away.

What random things do you have to share? Jonna? Michelle? Apryl?