Did someone say pirates?


Pumpkin Patch Party

Seth turned big number 5 this year!!!!! He wanted to go to a real pumpkin patch for his birthday & have a pumpkin party... We found just the right place! Friends and family joined us for the fun... We took lots of pictures of course! ... got our faces painted, went on a hay ride, wandered through a corn maze, and of course we bought pumpkins and gourds to take home! After lots of fun at the pumpkin patch we headed for the park... more fun and playing... Food! ... and gifts (and I am slowly learning that Seth thinks the best ones are wrapped - lol - a gift bag just isn't as much fun to a five-year-old). We were all a little worried about the weather, but overcast skies held back the rain until we finished. As we were loading the coolers back in the truck, the sprinkles began... Seth had bunches of fun and is already looking forward to number 6!

TX Size Corn Maze???

The kiddos all got their faces painted and loved showing off for the camera... notice Seth chose a cute little lady bug - he he he!

Our hay ride driver went on all the big hills he could find and drove as fast as his little tractor would pull us. I think he liked the way the kids would throw their hands in the air and scream!

Part of our bumpy hay ride included the chance to navigate through a corn maze... okay, so it wasn't Texas sized. There was a TX shaped and size corn maze that you could go through at this pumpkin patch, but seeing how we got a little lost in the mini-maze, we decided to call it a day and head for the park.

Decorating the Ultimate Cookie!

This was Seth's lovely creation... the more toppings the better for a 5-year-old! We'll be taking orders soon - lol!

The kids all decorated their own cookies... meaning "no moms allowed!" The more icing and sprinkles the better and the kids really did it. Watching the sprinkles topple out or in some cases pour out, we knew that a sugar high was soon to come. But you know, when you don't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards, it was really easy to sit back and enjoy their fun! It was even more fun to watch them try to eat their creations and get all the icing and decorations on themselves... some ear-to-ear!

After solving a brief candle lighting problem (mainly I forgot matches or a lighter), Seth was finally able to blow out his candles and open gifts. It was so funny to watch him get excited and jump around! The kids also played on the playground and rolled in the grass... gotta love the park for some easy entertainment. Thanks to all who came. We hope you had as much fun as Seth did!