Little Spot of Heaven

I have been out of town for the past week (visiting my sweet baby brother) and was a little concerned about my plants getting enough water, but thankfully God sent plenty of spring rain... and a treat for me in my garden upon my return... My squash are blooming! YEAH! I was so excited & couldn't wait to tell Drew when he got home too. I don't think his excitement was equal to mine though. That's okay, I know he will love the product later this summer... plenty of squash on the grill and squash casserole - YUM!

My tomatoes are also growing taller too...

This is my other little spot of heaven... the deck and hammock! Before my lack of sleep started (thank you Baby K), I loved to take a cup of coffee and good book out early in the morning and enjoy the hammock. This spring I also planted many herbs that smell lovely (if you're sitting close enough to them) in pots on the deck & that makes my experience even better. I'm hoping that the Carolina Jasmine I planted will take off in the next couple of years and the top of the deck will be covered with beautiful yellow blooms in the early spring. I hope you have a "little spot of heaven" that you can enjoy God's many riches and blessings!


Maddie and Kenzie's mom said...

I left this under another post too, but then I realized it was an old one...here it is again!

What beautiful kids!! I found your blog while reading Kat's. I just started one too! I love seeing what everyone is up to. Great job!
Hollie (Lane) Bates

Sarah said...

All your projects look great! I love your little spot of heaven and the office is coming together great! I am so excited for you.

Summer Miles said...

Hi I found your blog randomly and wanted to tell you we moved into this house when you moved out :) The Carolina Jessamine have almost covered the porch now and they are beautiful! Thanks :) And we put wood floors and painted the office and turned it into my photography studio for a couple of years. We are leaving this home to build out own in Dripping Springs this year, but we have loved this house and hope little feet will continue to bless it in the future.