Home Theater

Okay, so it's not a home theater, but it worked for the girls! (I'll add the theater to my wish list for our "retirement" house. *wink* ) Apryl was an awesome sister and came to help Drew with the office. I was having a hard time helping with Karsyn in a sling, so I took the girls inside while Andrew and Apryl worked outside. They got lots done! YEAH! Inside, I was finding it difficult to tote both girls around though, so we took a break from laundry, dishes, and toys to enjoy a little Elmo! Okay, so we only make it through two and a half songs, but it was still fun to watch them get excited in their little chairs side-by-side. They are going to be such good friends... I can't wait to see them in another year, carrying on their own little conversations and enjoying having a cousin so close!

Also, a little update on the office. After another day of hard work, the hardy plank is all up and the roof is on! Now, for trim, caulk, etc... then on to the inside...


Kim said...

The girls look so cute in their little chairs. Looks like ya'll have made lots of progress on the office. It looks great. I am impressed!