Fabulous Five

Can you believe how quickly the past five months have flown by? That's right, our little Karsyn Joy is five months old! So let's see, 5 things she is doing now...

1. Karsyn loves to laugh, especially at Seth! She will throw her head back a little and give him a good cackle. He is constant entertainment for her - YEAH!

2. Karsyn can roll from back to front with relative ease. Getting from front to back is a little bit of a challenge, but she does it occasionally too. When she is on her tummy she kicks her feet together and I'm sure if she had the strength and know-how she would be crawling already - thankfully she is NOT yet!

3. Karsyn is a good little eater. She actually takes in more cereal than she spits out now and she loves squash! Okay, so that's the only veggie she has had so far, but I'm sure it will be one of her favs, as it was for Seth. I'll have to let you know how the other little orange and greens go for her later this month. "Mommy milk" is her all time favorite by far though!

4. Karsyn is learning to sit up on her own. That's right, she can hold the pose for a couple of minutes sometimes without toppling over. And then sometimes it's only seconds before she gets excited, kicks her feet and tips herself over. She gets better at this little feat every day!

5. I hate to venture into the next topic for fear that I will jinx myself, but Karsyn is sleeping better through the night. She only wakes up to eat once or twice (depending on when she goes down). She's not so good at "putting herself to sleep" yet, so we need to work on that a little more. ;)

Here are 5 "not-so fabulous" pictures to celebrate 5 Fabulous Months!

Note: I took the first two pics and when Baby K would not "agree," Seth kindly took the last 3 pics while I held Karsyn. Pretty good job Seth!


Kim said...

Karsyn is too cute! I love her smile. Looks like your family has been having lots of fun!

Maddie and Kenzie's mom said...

I love the pictures! She is so cute and I completely understand about the difficulty taking pictures! Sometimes they just don't want to cooperate! She is precious though.