Here Am I

"Here Am I" was the theme of LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) this year. It was the 20th year of the convention that challenges students in grades 3-12 to really use their gifts to glorify God and learn to become better leaders for him. LTC has had such a positive impact on my family. . . we got involved in LTC in 1991 and since then, at least one of us, if not all of us have attended the convention in Dallas each year. (I think I have only missed 2 years. I have been a participant, a judge, and a church coordinator during that time.) This year my littlest brother and sister (the cute kids above) were involved in: drama, puppets, speech, Bible reading, song leading, small chorus, medium chorus, plus a number of other preconvention events. I was so proud of them! Their quartet was absolutely AWESOME! (Way to go Sarah, Caleb, Amy Beth and Carson!)

Caleb played the evil wizard in their drama. . . what a flair for the dramatic. (And we just thought Sarah was the drama queen... well, in real life she is.)

Sarah was a forest fairy with attitude. . . funny scene about "shrubbery" (referencing "Quest for the Holy Grail). . .

Sarah gave an outstanding speech. . .

Caleb is a wonderful song leader. He leads at their home congregation regularly and is asked to lead at a neighboring church once a month. What a talent for music! (This is where I would brag on his all-state band and choir accomplishments as well, but I'll refrain.)

Karsyn is serious. . . She did so good during the event sessions (well, most of them anyway).

Starbucks, Mt. Dew, and various other snacks get us thru the day and Karsyn has her first sample of Twizzlers. . . I think she likes it!

Caleb and Sarah are so silly. . . can you feel the love?

Between events we did lots of visiting, practicing for the next event, and goofing off. Here, the four of us sing an old camp song and laugh way too loud. . . Dum, dum, dada. . .

Karsyn would much rather push her stroller than ride in it these days. . .

It was a great convention this year and I felt blessed once again. I was counting forward and realized that Sarah's senior year (last year as a participant) will also be Seth's first year as a participant. . . seems the Blakeney's will not have a gap in our LTC involvement going forward either. Praise God for providing a way for us to intentionally teach our children ways to be leaders for Christ in this world.