Our sweet Baby K is 15 months old! Doesn't she look big in this picture too! All this time I thought she wasn't listening and she is proving me wrong on a daily basis now. She is really getting good at the signs I have taught her (time for me to learn some more). Karsyn does 10 signs consistently and I'm sure that her words are soon to follow. She is such a funny little one... always laughing and playing games with us. She would spend the majority of the day outside if I would let her - I'm going to have to invest in some really good sun screen for this girl. When she is trapped inside she can typically be found being a sweet little mommy... carrying her baby under her arm, phone plastered to her ear, working hard to maneuver her stroller around furniture. (Is that how she sees me? Hmm...) She is so sweet with her babies though. Today I saw her pushing one baby in a stroller and carrying the other baby in a baby carrier. She also had her purse on her other arm with a teddy bear tucked inside. Just too cute!
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Raena said...

This is the sunscreen I love...


It is a little pricey, but doesn't contain titanium like most of the others - which is important if you are going to use it all spring and summer.

PS- She is a doll! Just gorgeous! Sea World is open now, when are you coming to stay? This summer we will be in our new house...ya'll gott come check it out!

Leslie said...

She does look sooo big in that picture....so pretty!! She is practicing being a Mommy already...funny about the phone!