Battle for the Paci...

Karsyn... age: 2 days
Tess... age: 6 months

Let the battle for the pacifier begin...

Really, it was so funny... We laid Karsyn and Tess down together to see how tall Tess is next to Karsyn... the girls had something else in mind though - and I'm sure this will not be the only time that these two will have plans of their own :O) - Tess rolled over and saw what looked like a "toy" in Karsyn's mouth (because Tess uses her pacifier as a teething-chew toy) and seeing the weaker opponent, took the opportunity to snag the pacifier from her... Karsyn however pulled right back. It was so funny because we expected Tess to easily pluck the pacifier from Karsyn's mouth, but Karsyn sucked on the pacifier, trying to hold on, and gave Tess a little challenge. Finally, Tess overcame! I think Apryl felt a little sorry for Karsyn, so she gave Tess her own paci and the girls were content to just lay beside each other, each with their own "toy." I can't wait for these two to be dragging around their little dolls, playing house together... so much fun! (And before long it will not be "these two," but the "three little musketeers" when Una gets here.)