Thanksgiving means something different to me than most people. It means we go to THANKSMAS! Huh? What? Yes, I hear your questions of what is she talking about? Is that a typo? No it's not. For the past 30 years, my extended Blakeney family meets for something we fondly refer to as Thanksmas... a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is the only time each year that I see my extended Blakeney family. For the past several years, we have met at a state park in southeast Oklahoma. We rent 10 A-frame cabins, a bath house (with no heat), and a "mess" hall (kitchen & dining area). This camp site is used for summer camps during part of the year, but it's all Blakeney at the end of November. Each year, one of the Big 6 (my Papa Joe and his 5 siblings) rotate who will host. The host divides up the menu and mails out a food list and weekend schedule. We haul food, bedding, air mattresses, towels, games, and gifts. We have a couple of devotionals during our time together. Focusing on our Lord and Savior and making time to thank Him for his many blessings is always an important part of our time together. Of course we eat plenty (breakfast is my favorite: Granny makes homemade buttermilk biscuits with chocolate gravy) and there are way too many desserts, but we also love playing games and laughing lots! We open gifts and Santa makes an appearance! This year, we had 69 people for Thanksgiving lunch - a low year for us as far as numbers go. It's an awesome reunion of family and fun and I am renewed and uplifted every year by Thanksmas!

This is the Joe Blakeney bunch (my grandparents, aunts, uncles, & first cousins). We had the biggest group at Thanksmas this year.

Karsyn & her great-Granny Clo sing during a devo...

Santa makes a guest appearance and even takes time out of his busy schedule to take pictures! Karsyn was not all that excited to see him :( but the memory is too cute!

Kids open gifts...

Daddy, Seth, and Karsyn play outside in the leaves.

My first cousins (sadly, I am the oldest) that happen to be the best Taboo & Guesstures players in the world! Really... lots of loud laughs to be had! I can't wait for New Years when I see them again!


Maddie and Kenzie's mom said...

That looks like so much fun!! Getting together with family is always fun!

Beth Hames said...

I love how Karsyn is trying to get back to you in that last picture while looking right at the camera. So cute. I've heard of Thanksmas! I think we have a mutual friend who also attends. :-)

Raena said...

I FINALLY found your blog! On your profile there is no link to the blog...I think you have to add it in the Customize section.

ANYWAY! Your Thankmas is exactly why we want to have lots of kids. Someday when we are old we can have events where 69 people show up, and we'll know it is all because of the love God blessed us with. THAT IS AWESOME!

Love ya girl!