Cub Jeans

I embellished a pair of jeans for Karsyn so she can cheer the Cubs on this year (so much cheaper than a cheer leading skirt). She loves to jump and cheer "Go Marty Go!"


Jennifer Gauer Photography said...

Miss Karsyn, absolutely adorable! You are lucky your mommy is so darn crafty!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you post the directions on how you did this?
I wanna make some for Halle!

Laura said...

Short directions: cut off jeans to the correct length, make ruffles by gathering fabric and then sew onto the jeans. I used ribbon at the top for extra emelishment. The bows on the sides of the leg are pinned on for easier wash and wear. Next time I will try to take pics as I make it and post that for better directions (although there are quite a few people who have already bogged a similar craft idea... Do a google search if you need directions sooner than I get them posted.) Have fun sewing!

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