One Month Ago

It's hard to believe that we were driving to the hospital to be induced just one month ago! That's right, our little Karsyn is one month old. She has grown and changed so much already... it's hard for me to even imagine what and how she will be at one-year. I don't want to rush things though... I'll keep her sweet and small while I can. She finally moved out of the newborn diapers up to a size 1... and 0-3 month outfits don't completely swallow her now (although newborn still fit better). I'm guessing she is around 8 lbs. now, but am not sure how long (she was 21 inches 2 weeks ago). Seth is also so proud of her and he is such a good helper! When Karsyn starts tracking a little better, Seth will be a great source of entertainment for her (he just moves a little too fast for her right now-lol). I'm sure they will grow to be great friends!