In the Garden

Sunday, my little helper (aka. Karysn) helped me out in the yard. We watered the plants and herbs on the deck while Daddy mowed the lawn. Then we (Mommy) had fun taking pics of our little cutie while Daddy finished up. Seems baby K is a little camera shy... I have the hardest time getting her to actually look at the camera. She just seems to be in awe of God's many wonderful beauties and soaks them all in! In these pics, check our her toes... lol. She always seems to have her left toes curled and her right toes "catching the wind."

After we finished with the plants on the deck (really not that many), we headed out in the yard. The bumbo sqeezed into our little red wagon perfectly & Karsyn had fun riding around while I continued to water plants. She would fuss when we stopped, and then was happy again when we were moving. What a picky little one. Maybe this means she will like roller-coasters though... I would love that! Girl after my own heart.

Baby K checks the "time." Are we done yet?

My sweet sister-in-law started sharing some veggies with me and I had no where to plant them, so we created a little spot. This is my little garden experiment for the spring/summer... tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash, etc... It's been fun. We'll just have to wait and see if I can keep these sweet little plants alive though.