Date with Mammaw

So, our little boy is learning all about numbers. No longer can Mammaw say, I'll see you next week or in a few days. Seth knows that a few is 3 and is counting the days. Recently, Mammaw said she would come visit in about a week. This just didn't work for Seth, he wanted to know how many days... so she said 7 or 8. Well, 5 days passed and all of a sudden he was saying, she'll be here in 2 or 3 days. Well, I knew full and well that she would not be here anytime that week, so I gave her a little ring-a-ling and informed her that he was counting down the days to her mysterious arrival... oops! So, this morning she called him up and asked if he would like to go to a movie with her instead..."No" was his reply! Actually, he said he would rather go eat at LaMadelline's with her (man after my own heart - love that kid!), so we met Mom half way at our favorite little spot and had a great lunch. Then Seth and Mammaw had a little ice cream date... Seth had "Superman" ice cream and Mammaw had strawberry (those are important details that he wanted me to share - lol). It was a great day!!! Below are some pics of other things that happened today...

Karsyn loves to go shopping in her sling! She is a people watcher and does not like to be cooped up in the infant carrier that mommy thinks snaps so easily onto a shopping cart. She also likes to help out in the kitchen while in her sling... loads of fun!

Seth does a safety check on Karsyn's new form of entertainment. Seems she is not the only one that will be entertained by the blast off noises. :O)

Karsyn says... Exersaucer-walkers for the win! I'll keep this fun toy!

"If I could just get a hold of this, Scotty could beam me up.... hmmph?"

Rice cereal AGAIN? Yippee!


Sarah said...

Such a happy baby and sweet boy! That sling looks like it would be hard to figure out!