Texas Bluebonnets!

Okay, so I'm suppose to be packing for our weekend trip & I got sucked into the blogging world, yet again! I was reading my friend Kim's blog (you should check out her cute kids!) and realized that I hadn't even posted pics of my kids in the beautiful Texas bluebonnets.

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, as the sides of the highway and fields are covered in blankets of wildflowers, my favorites are of course the Texas state flower! Earlier this week, my sister-in-law and I ventured out with the kids in search of the perfect spot & we found it behind her church building-YEAH! We were prepared with multiple outfits for the kids, toys, bumbo, and blankets so no one would complain about the itchy grass. Even with all of our preparation (which was in quick haste btw), we could not prepare the kids attitudes for the beloved "picture time." They ranged from squinty "sun in my eyes," to grins, to crying, to faces of boredom, to "can't catch me" with that camera you can't! All in all, we got a couple of cute ones, and lots of others for the honorable mention list. We did find out some new things while we were out tromping through the fields though...

1. Seth wants to be in the middle of every picture!
2. If Seth is not the center of attention atm, he will run wildly around and distract those who are.
3. If that doesn't work, Seth will run in front of the camera just in time for the photo snap.
4. Karsyn won't look at a camera no matter how much you ooh and gooh at her.
5. When Karsyn is not in the mood, she won't even look at Seth!
6. Tess's bow matched her dress even better than we thought - way to go Apryl!
7. A 10-month-old will promptly push a 3-month-old over when placed in a picture pose together.
8. When Karsyn doesn't want to have a picture taken of her, she will just pull her dress over her head.
9. Baby K's dress was fluffy as can be, but still would not cover the bumbo for a pretty pic.
And finally... number 10. Skinny little 5-year-olds can sit in a Bumbo (seat made for 3-14 month olds).

We had fun and hope you enjoy the pics!


Kim said...

Such cute pictures. You got some really good ones. Seths seems to be hamming it up and Karsyn is so precious. Don't you love springtime in Texas?

Sarah said...

Beautiful Pics! I absolutely love bluebonnets!