MAD about Trunk-R-Treat

Last year my parents and the two "babies" moved to Bertram where my dad began preaching for them full time. The church there hosted a Trunk-R-Treat for the community & they had some quite unexpected results. Over 800 people attended in 2006 and the church gave God the glory! My Cosper Crew went to help out with my parent's "trunk" and we all dressed as pirates. Needless to say, 8 pirates dressed to the hilt made quite an impression (see my blog from last year for pics) and the members of the church have been giving the Blakeneys quite a hard time for a year now, saying, "The Blakeneys may have shown us up last year, but not again!" So, the gauntlet was laid down and the pressure was on. We began planning for the 2nd Annual Trunk-R-Treat in Bertram months ago. We had many ideas for our theme, and after much deliberation we decided to run with the idea of a Mad Scientist Lab. Lots of cool colors and some funky, silly fun! As we began setting up Friday morning for the big event on Sunday, comments were made.... "Trunk-R-Treat? That's not a trunk? That's a trailer! What are ya'll building? A float!" You might say we rose to the occasion and created a Mad Lab to thrill the coming crowd! We even have plans to use the castle backdrop for our theme next year (yes, it has already been decided and plans are in progress). When Sunday came, there were trunks of all kinds... Dedicated Cowboys fans had more Cowboy stuff than I have ever seen - a tent, football jerseys & helmets, and even a Cowboy motorcycle; Texas fans had a monster big screen playing favorite shots of games; a lifesize tepee was set up with a real fire inside and fronteirsmen guarded the door; the Flinstones and cart made a showing; and a 50's soda shop was set up for some sock hop fun. Those were just a few of the trunks that guests passed. They also had the opportunity to eat a hot dog, popcorn, cotton candy, get their face painted, play games (bean bag toss, ring toss, bball, etc), ride on a train, jump in a moon walk, or even rock climb on a giant wall! With loads of fun to be had, the church in Bertram planned for a big crowd. They bought 1300 hot dogs in preparation and with smiling faces opened the gates to a LONG line of cute costumed kids & their families.

Here is Dr. B's Blakeney Bunch having some MAD fun!

Our MAD lab. . . (and as always, Mom is doing some last minute touches - she is such a hard worker)

The mastermind behind our MAD lab, my little brother (well, the older of my little bros). . .

Drew getting ready to hand out test tubes (ice pops) & sampling a few it looks like. The popsicle fun was great when we started, as the sun was shining bright and it was a beautiful day. When the sun went down, it cooled off quickly and our hands were freezing, so we started handing out glow bracelets which were also a hit!

Igor & Little Miss Frank. . . (my other little brother and sweet baby K)

Sisters being a bit dramatic. . .

My little mad scientist. . . (notice the sweet lady bug painted on his cheek - he just can't help but be cute!)

Little Miss Frank in all her cuteness. . . (also notice her new little tooth - it's her first!)

Trunk-R-Treat was a great success! I don't think there has been a final count, but from what I have heard so far, 1,913 hot dog tickets (one per person) were passed out at the front gate & this number does not include the 200 volunteers working the event. Isn't that AMAZING! Again, God has blessed the Bertram Church of Christ with great opportunities to share the Good News of God's saving grace!

Just a side note: According to a google search Drew did, the population of Bertram is 1,161. Seems the whole town and surrounding community made a showing - LOL!


JessBless said...

Your family is the most creative group of people I have ever known!!!! And fun, too!!!!!! You all look so great. Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!!!

jonna said...

You guys look like so much fun...How creative!

Beth said...

Great costumes! Looks like you had a great time!

April Cogburn said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun.
My blog is at www.threecogburns.blogspot.com


Beth Hames said...

That is amazing! Makes me want to go to Bertram next year!