Meet the newest member of our family... JACK! He is the precious chocolate lab that Seth got for his 7th birthday. While we were waiting for him, the Denton's (family we bought him from) updated us with pictures and told us funny stories from his tiny puppy days. Seth and I read Marly & Me, hoping it would prepare us for our new bundle of love... all the while hoping that Jack wouldn't be anything like Marley. To date... Jack eats anything he can get his mouth around, including plants, tree limbs, toys accidentally left in the yard (bubbles), rope, and numerous other things. He has grown astronomically... again leading to massive amounts of dog food, which he consumes in 60 seconds flat! He digs all over the yard (thanks to some great teaching from "Grace," my aunt's dog) and I won't even begin to describe the size of poo as Jack gets larger (YUCK!). Jack can be quite naughty, but I can already tell he is completely devoted to us! He loves to go for walks - Drew does the walking most of the time, and although he claims to hate the dog, secretly he loves him too!

The picture of Karsyn (below) are when Jack was still a manageable size for her. They both thought they were in charge and tried to play "boss." Jack is currently larger than K, and at their current growth rates, it could be years before she ever catches up to him.