Things we get excited about...

We went to a small town Pioneer Day parade in October & Seth made quite the haul of candy and other treats. He loved all the firetrucks, cheerleaders, motorcycle tricks and of course collecting more candy than he did at Halloween. You might say that Karsyn was a little less excited. She didn't seem to understand why people would pelt small sugary treats at her and honk their horns and scream... and the sirens just sent her over the edge. So, her parade experience was not spent frantically chasing candy, yelling WOOT!, but instead sitting curled up in a ball in my lap watching from a distance. Seth and his loot:

Again... K was also not as excited as we would have liked about going to daycare. You would think we were dropping her off at a torture chamber the way she would scream and cling on to me in the morning. The tantrum started at the house when we put her jacket on and loaded her in the car. She would cry, "No, mommy!" all the way there & the teacher literally pried her off of me when I dropped her off. This lasted for two whole months... and finally the screaming turned into a quite whisper as we got out of the car, "Bye 'S.' No, hi-ho mommy." (S is Seth; hi-ho is work/school - you know "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to work we go!") She still cried when I left her at this point and each day of work was so hard to get through. As a teacher, I know that kids do great as soon as the parents leave, so I just kept reminding myself of that. Currently, K gets out of the car and says bye to S and gives me kiss on the cheek. She walks in with her juice cup on her own and seems to have a great day - YEAH! This is a picture of her first day at daycare: