Blackberry Picking

In an effort to support the local farmers in our area, Apryl and I took the kids to Sweet Berry Farms (that and we love berries!). We especially like blackberries and are determined to teach our kids the love of them too. We packed up strollers (I absentmindedly forgot our hats though) and headed off to the berry farm. We had such a good time and picked way too many berries (probably 18 lbs. between the two of us). After getting way too hot and tired we found a picnic table in the shade and had a little lunch. We ended our day with some yummy fresh strawberry popsicles. Tess would make the funniest faces eating them. You could tell she wanted a bite, but would scrunch up her face from the cold and make a little squeal... then she would do it all over again. Karsyn took to the sweet treats right away and just loved them... never making a sound or funny face... just eating/sucking on it as fast as she could. We had a great day! I can't wait until fall and we can return to buy our pumpkins!