San Antonio

Recently, Drew had work in San Antonio. What FUN! We joined him and while he worked during the day, the kids and I played and had fun! I love the Riverwalk... great place to people watch. Plus, the lights and music and of course good mexican food make it all the more enjoyable. We also took in some Ben & Jerry's (for those of you who have not tried the new Cinnamon Bun flavor - YUM!) as we walked along the river. It was good family fun!

We went to the zoo (a long 5 hour expedition... I always forget how big it is and how much time it takes to get through it - well, if you're zoo lovers like us anyway) and had fun gazing at animals, taking pictures, taking breaks, and eating snacks. Apryl and Tess joined us for the fun outing, so this was the first time at the zoo for both Tess and Karsyn.

Crazy habits. . . always have to take a picture of a flamingo / schwalla!

Feeding nectar to the parrots was incredible. God's beautifully colorful creatures would land right on you to take a sip of the yummies in your cup. Be careful though, they might try to take a nibble of you too! Karsyn did get a kick out of them though. She would try to pet at them wildly (probably looked like an out of control swat to the parrot) and then just giggle away. It was so cute!

My crazy little sister poses like the drama queen she is. . .

We also loved the Jaguar. It was very active... pacing back and forth through it's cage. It's paws were huge... would hate to run into it on a dark jungle night!

Tess and Karsyn enjoyed the zoo so much! Check them out having fun.... ZZZZZZZ!

We also made time to visit the Alamo. Seth really enjoyed it and wanted me to read every sign we passed (even the really long ones). I think we will really enjoy TX history!

Karsyn, again fully enjoys her Alamo experience. . . ZZZZZ!


Anonymous said...

Where is daddy in all those pics of the zoo and alamo you ask... well, daddy GOT to work that day. There is always next time (/crossesfingers)