New Things!

It is always fun to see what Karsyn's reaction to new things, specifically foods, will be... below you can see that she LOVES fresh veggies and fruit. Both strawberries and broccoli are winners! She loves to sit on the counter in her bumbo (yes, I realize the dangers this may cause, but I always stay very close by) and watch me do dishes or cut up veggies. It was here that she was eyeing a broccoli stalk that I left by her bumbo. I checked for loose pieces that may come off and plucked any remaining leaves. When I thought it was "safe" I handed it to her... what a fun chew toy! It didn't go over as well as the strawberries, but she didn't complain either. :O)

Seth went to an outdoor water-fun birthday party recently and he fell in love with the slip & slide! He has been asking for one ever since. I finally gave in (after he was cooped up in the hospital for 4 days - guess I was feeling sorry for him). He LOVES to run and slip - on his knees - and splash into the end. He is not always successful at making it to the pool, but he is not discouraged. He just runs back and tries again. I have tried to explain to him that he is suppose to slip on his tummy, but he just doesn't think that sounds right, and in his strong-willed little head, "on the knees" is the only way to slip & slide!


Maddie and Kenzie's mom said...

Cute pictures...love the bow!

Who came up with the idea to slide on your belly anyway? I'm with Seth...knees make more sense!

Sarah said...

I miss the slip & slide. I would have to agree - on the stomach it hurts, so maybe the kness is better. Sweet pics of Karsyn - thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

I have great memories of using the slip and slide in the summers when I was a kid. Sounds like a blast. I can't believe Karsyn is eating broccoli and loving it. Your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

the pics of the broccolli.... yeah I did those (proud father/daughter momment.... /wipestearfromeye)

About the slip and slide... our backyard is so bumpy, I'm surprised Sethers was able to walk after that... he's one tough kiddo