Sweet Siblings

I just love to see my kids loving on each other. Karsyn adores Seth and literally lights up when she sees him. He is almost always sweet to her. He lets her reach out and touch him on the face and she loves for him to give her hugs. . . she grabs hold of his head and just grins as big as she can (sometimes dripping drool into Seth's hair - but we won't tell him that *wink, wink*). Karsyn wakes up in the morning grinning and happy to see me. Seth is my sleeper though and he lays in bed as long as possible. He can't help but smile and wake up when I lay Karsyn on the bed next to him though. "Come here little sweetie," he will say to her. And then he will proceed to sing our little good morning song to her. I am sure they will be great friends as they grow through the years. God has truly blessed us with sweet little siblings!


Anonymous said...

I know that looks cute when Karsyn touches your face but as you can see, Seth has his hand up an is wisely cautious... she has been known to poke at the eye from time to time